Agile Energy is a distributed energy generation company, building and operating solar assets across Australia and New Zealand. We are reshaping energy plans to deliver the lowest price renewable power solution for businesses, and supporting them transition to 100% renewable power.

Agile Energy is the new type of power company, operating systems and process operate with AI, and has disrupted the energy and solar market places. We vertically integrated AI, renewables, automation, funding and infrastructure construction operating seamlessly and delivering our customers low cost, low carbon, low risk solutions for commercial, industrial business and government.

Through our distributed energy generation assets we guarantee the lowest power price to our customers, by vertically integrating funding and installation. As we own and underwrite the assets, there is no generation or quality risk on the customer, and its 100% renewable energy.


Accelerate businesses transition to 100% renewable energy and reducing the cost of power for Australia and New Zealand by using technological advancement, and building economically viable, and environmentally positive energy plans and solutions.

A global business community powered by 100% renewable energy.



Our team is dedicated to delivering the highest quality to our customers, partners and each other. Whether in safety, innovation, cost, or results, we always strive to be the best.


It’s simple: we will never compromise our principles.


We recognise and promote leadership in its many forms. We empower our employees, partners and customers to challenge, persist, and be true to who they are.


Yes, innovation requires data and technology, but also a dash of art, intuition and the unexpected. Our team’s passion and diversity helps us identify novel solutions where others only see the status quo.


We believe in Sustainability but do not believe that it should inhibit progress. Our products and services ensure that your business can achieve both.