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Undivided Food Co: Local, Organic, Sustainable, Renewable

It is great to work with customers who have similar vision to us.

We recently completed a solar system installation for Undivided Food Co. – a local Sydney food provider with nationally distributed, certified organic, sustainably sourced and produced product lines.

Undivided’s values are perfectly aligned to ours at Agile Energy: Undivided has been carbon neutral since 2019, donates to numerous non-profit organisations, hires migrants seeking refuge and is involved in plastic offset programs.

Try their organic food line and be proud that their products are manufactured with green energy.


About Undivided Food Co.

Undivided Food Co.’s makes real, time-honoured and nutrient-dense food as delicious and convenient as possible, sources the best quality ingredients to create products that are the best of its kind all while keeping a light footprint.

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